Friday, July 14, 2017

Drone Camp Teaches Kids How To Take To The Skies

Bismarck, ND, 6-8-17

Drones are becoming more common, whether we like it or not and kids are getting in on the fun, too.

Kids are learning important skills when it comes to flying drones. "I figured out on my own how to do barrel rolls. I still can’t figure out how to do flips," said Nathan Vinchattle, camper.

This camp at the Bismarck Career Academy is trying to peak kids interest so they can be ready for a drone industry in the future.

"The kind of things that you can do are kind of limitless. You see a lot in a state like North Dakota with the agriculture. A lot of the oil companies use them as well, so it's one of those things where the uses are kind of limitless," Tim Meyer, Bismarck Career Academy.

Believe it or not some kids are already looking towards possible careers in aviation. "I kind of like the idea of flying and the many different job opportunities that there actually are. I didn't know there were that many different things that you can actually do in flying," said Avery Brousseau, camper.

While the camp is aimed at having fun the instructors make sure kids learn the basics. "Don't fly too high when there's a plane above and don't crash," said James McGrath, camper.

The camp had about 45 kids over the two day session with a second camp starting the following week.


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