Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Great news! Wi-Fi is now available at the Orchid Club

The September, 2016, issue of the Oak Run Newsletter announced that a Wi-Fi hotspot has been established at the Orchid Club and covering all of the surrounding area. That means that you can now access the Internet in the auditorium, by the pool, in the library, card room and the tennis and shuffleboard courts from any device using Wi-Fi.

Revision: As of September, 2017, all facilities have Wi-Fi available.

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Webmaster's note: You must be a DECCA Cable Internet subscriber to have full access. Call (854-3223) or email ( to register and set up your Wi-Fi account. Read the complete page 9 article below. "Guest" access does not require account setup and is for a short duration but you can purchase a voucher to extend your usage.

If you email your request be sure to include the following info:
  1. Name, Address, Phone Number, and Billing Account Number (from your monthly services fee statement)
  2. The email you want associated with the Wi-Fi account (any email will work)
  3. The UserName you want to log in with
  4. The Password you want to use (must be seven or more characters with at least one capital and one number)
When connecting to the Hotspot, here are some tips:
  1. If you are a DECCA Cable Internet customer use the "Subscriber Hotspot" otherwise use the "Guest Hotspot"
  2. For subscribers, type your UserName ('@deccacable.local' is no longer needed)
  3. Then type your Password, remember it's always case sensitive
  4. Depending on your device's security settings you may need to "Trust" the Hotspot
  5. For the "Guest Hotspot" you are allowed one hour of free access per week, with the option of purchasing an additional 'time voucher' at the DECCA Cable Office or on the login screen using a credit card. However, the login credit card option is not yet available. A 24-hour voucher is $5.99 and a 72-hour voucher is $9.99
  6. On the "Guest Hotspot" remember to check "Accept the Terms" before selecting the one hour trial button or inputting your voucher code
  7. Signal strength is good in the Library, Billiard Room, Lobby and Gym; it's very good around the Pool and in the Auditorium
  8. Download speeds average about 3.5Mbps for subscribers and 2.1Mbps for guests
  9. If you have any trouble using either Hotspot walk over to the DECCA Cable office with your device and they will get you connected
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Update by R+D

1 comment:

billy_b said...

Great news... Sorry that so many folks will send requests without the required information shown in this article. The writing should have outlined what to provide...

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