Sunday, January 30, 2011

TIP: Copyright Symbol

Here's how to include a copyright symbol (the letter C within a circle) while working on a document in a word processing program or text editor. Hold down the "ALT" key and type 0169 on the number pad at the right side of your keyboard. When you let go of the "ALT" key this is what you'll get.....©

Libreoffice Does it All


Here's a quote from one of the reviews of libreoffice.

LibreOffice included all of's new features besides a whole laundry list of their own. Since LibreOffice is Open Source Software, you can bet all these new features will find their way into next release. But it sets the stage for a pattern of always being that step behind LibreOffice.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Gee Alan, Not Open Office Too !

Just when I made a resolution to use Open Office more this year you tell me it may become extinct. You wrote "Libreoffice will import all the Open Office documents". Will it also import all the MS Office extensions such as doc, xls, ppt and the rest like Open Office does?

Open Office to Disappear?

I don't know if readers of this blog are aware that Open Office may go the way of the dinosaurs.
Sun Microsystems was responsible for the long sponsorship and support of Open Office. When Oracle purchased Sun, there was some question about whether the support for Open Office would continue. Many of the open source developers, unhappy with Oracle ownership of Open Office, split to form their own community which they call The Document Foundation. The Foundation has produced an Open Office look alike called Libreoffice. The program is available for download from Ubuntu, Google and Red Hat have all come out in favor of Libreoffice.
Libreoffice will import all the Open Office documents.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Blog Administrators

Four of us have now posted to the blog. Hopefully, all board members will try posting.

Please let me know if you want to be a blog administrator. We need 2 or three. When I have that many administrator volunteers, I will have another meeting at my home, and Ron will conduct training for them.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Google chat-voice free phone calls

Many of you have asked how you can use Googles chat/voice system to make free phone calls throughout the country. Here's the procedure:
Your computer should have a built in microphone and speakers. If it doesn't, you'll need headphones with a boom mike. You can buy the headphones at Wal-Mart for under $20. They plug into the USB port.
Type into your browser and press Enter on your keyboard. Click Try it Now . If you have a G-Mail account, insert your username and password. If you don't have an account, click Create an Account.
When you go into g-mail, you will see Chat. Then below Chat you will see Call Phone. Click on Call Phone and you will see a phone dial pad. Enter the phone number you want to dial by clicking the appropriate numbers and click Call. That's it!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

QR Codes and Shortened URL's

This is a scanned image. Click it to enlarge.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Here's Another E-Reader, NOOK for PC

In conjunction with Alan's post about the Kindle for PC here's how to download and use the NOOK for PC. I've installed and used both of these readers and I find that the Kindle for PC is easier to download and generally much easier to use than the NOOK for PC. The steps below are for those who already have a Barnes & Noble account or would rather use B&N than Amazon. The below information is based on using the Firefox browser and should be similar for Internet Explorer.

Click on this link, NOOK for PC then click ">Download NOOK for PC". Click "Save File" if you get an Opening File window, then go to the location your downloads are saved and double click on  "bndr2_setup_latest.exe". If you get an Open File-Security Warning window click "Run".

In the Setup Wizard window click "Next" then in the License window click "I Agree". Choose the components you want installed and click "Next". At the Choose Location window click "Install". Let Nook for PC run by clicking "Finish". When Nook for PC launches Sign In if you have a B&N account otherwise click "Create An Account" then......


Thanks, First Training Class Attendees

A special thanks to Alan for hosting our first Basic Training class. Also in attendance was Bob, Frazer, Jim, John B. and Lawrence.

I would appreciate your feedback on the material covered, how well it was assimilated, was it too much too fast, etc, etc. We can repeat the class, if necessary, or go on to the Advanced Training class next time.

If you're a blog member just post your comments. If you don't have your account yet you can email me HERE.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Download and use the Kindle E-Reader for PC

Some ORCC members have asked if I would repeat the download and install instructions for using the free Amazon Kindle E-Reader on their home computer. Here's how you accomplish the task:

Type into the address line of your browser. Click the Download Now button. Click on the downloaded file to install the program.

Type in the address line of your browser. Select a book from the 30,000 they have. Click on it and then select one of the Kindle options (with or without images). The book will download to your computer (usually into a download folder). After the book is downloaded, click on the file it and it will automatically open the book in your new Kindle reader.

A Fresh New Look For The Blog

We're trying a different template for the blog and would like you to post what you think.

If you're not a blog member you can send your comments by email. Just click HERE.

First ORCC Board Training Class

My thanks go to Ron for conducting the first blog training session for the Board members. I will schedule another session at my home in the near future. Check the blog to see when. In the interim, try posting so you know how the process works. You might post your suggestions for needed blog changes. Board members must get some experience using the blog before we invite other ORCC members to post.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Board to Work on Blog design

There will be a meeting at my home (6445 SW 111th Loop, Fairway Oaks) at 10 A.M. on Friday, January 21st. All Oak Run Computer Club Board Members are invited. Ron will tell us about Blog features and capabilities, and will solicit our input for Blog improvement.
Alan Marcus
I'm sneaking into your post to say that this meeting will be a "Show & Tell". We will have the overhead projector set up so everyone can see the blog as I go through the blogging process.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

TIP: Jump Breaks

You may not have noticed, but, some posts will have a Read more>> link near the bottom left of the post just above the "Posted by" line. This is called a Jump Break. You can place a jump break into the text of your post to indicate you have a lot more to say. It's used to keep the post from taking up so much room on the page like the "Sign-In and Posting" post did right below this one.

Generally a long post is fine especially if it's important. But after a certain period of time one of the administrators may edit your post and add a Jump Break to streamline the blog. There are a few tricks to using Jump Breaks, to make them work better, that will be covered in training class. You'll find the button for Jump Break on the post editor screen, the seventh icon from the right.

Monday, January 17, 2011

About Sign-In and Posting

I've allowed the board members time to wander around and try to figure things out for themselves. Because, after all, they are the Club Brain Trust and can figure out just about anything, right? OK, seriously, as you may have noticed the blog continues to develop. I've added tabs at the top in a sequential order addressing major aspects of the blog. The next tab will be about Signing-In and Posting, and other tabs will/may be required.

"Sign-In" and posting is addressed briefly in the final paragraph of the "Joining the Blog" tab where it says, Each time you "Sign In" to the blog you can clicking "new post" in the upper righthand corner. I hope to incorporate some screenshots within the next tab, as exampled in the "TIP: Protecting Privacy" post. It looks like some have figured out the post editor quite well. I'll probably include a tutorial on the post editor later.

In regard to the question about the "Dashboard". It's discussed in the How-To: Find Your Dashboard post. Your can go directly to that post by Clicking Here. And it's explained more completely in Step 9 on the "Setting Up Your Account" tab where it says, in part, The Dashboard is your personal "mission control"...... Click Here to view.

Finally, the question concerning "posting to an individual or the group". You post to the blog for all to see and by all I mean the world. Your post will be positioned at the top of the home page until subsequent posts push it down the page.

HOW-TO: Find Your Dashboard

Once you're signed-in to the blog you may wonder how to get to your Dashboard. It's easy.

At the top of the blog, above the header, on the right-hand side, to the right of your email address is the link labeled "New Post". Click on it then on the post editor page at the same spot "new post" was in is the "Dashboard" link. Click on it and you'll be able to edit your profile and do other things. You can also access your Google account (the one you used or created in the set-up process). That link is located to the right of the "Dashboard" link and is labeled "My Account". Once at your account you'll be able to modify more of your information.

Oak Run Computer Club: You Don't Need Gmail

Oak Run Computer Club: You Don't Need Gmail: "You only need a valid email address, any email. We already have many authors that are using emails other than gmail.

So we could send invitations to all email addresses on our Member list to control the Blog Membership without everyone having to get a GMail account. Great. As new ORCC members are signed up, they would have to be sent an invitation to join the Blog site. This is looking better.

Do You Need GMail?

At this point, I'm not sure that we will receive positive acceptance by the ORCC members who do not have a GMail account and are forced to create one in order to use this blog feature. Many of the members who already have a deccacable or other email account are not going to want to have to create a new email account just for rhis feature, I'm thinking.

This Blog seems to require that the User has a GMail account. What prevents anyone with a any old GMail account from logging in?


Dave Simmons
 For the answer to these questions click >> HERE.

Friday, January 14, 2011

TIP: Protecting Privacy

Some of your best friends might not tell you, but, they don't like their email address sent to everyone in your address book every time you forward the funniest or most interesting thing you've ever seen. In order to protect the privacy of your email recipients when sending an email to all of your friends at once just use the "Bcc:" function.

Basic Computer Class

A two day Basic Computer class is scheduled for February 21 (Mon) and 23 (Wed).

Each session will last approximately 90 minutes. To register or obtain more information contact Jim Dillman at

Beta Testing Begins

The Oak Run Computer Club has now begun beta testing of the club blog. Once this site is fully functional all members will be encouraged to participate. We want you to be involved with the club not just once a month but any time you want or need to. The blog will also give all members a chance to ask or answer questions in an open format. Keep checking the blog for up-to-date information and when invitations to join will be issued. The most current post will always be at the top of the home page.

For Your Information

Posts are presented in a stack with the most recent post at the top. Clicking Older Posts will show the next # older posts and so forth. Clicking Newer Posts will show the previous # newer posts. Clicking Home will display the top # most recent posts. When viewing a single post, clicking Older Post or Newer Post shows a single post each time, but, clicking Home displays the top # most recent posts. There are 2,754 posts in the stack as of 4-27-18.